Report: Over 50 of Daily Dapp Users Adopt Tron BitTorrent Networks

Report: Over 50 of Daily Dapp Users Adopt Tron BitTorrent Networks 1

Report: Over 50% of Daily Dapp Users Adopt Tron, BitTorrent Networks

A fresh report has just exposed the vastness of Tron blockchain family in the Dapp sector.

It has been proven that Tron alongside its subsidiary project BitTorrent, dominate the industry. Per a report shared by a Tronix and BitTorrent community member, Mike McCarthy, more than half of the daily active users in the Dapp sector makes use of Tron network and BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol under the umbrella of Tron ecosystem. The report indicated that 51.5% of daily Dapp users adopt Tron and

BitTorrent projects.

“Over half of All Daily Total DApp Users use the TRON Ecosystem – 51.5%”

While evangelizing for more adoption, McCarthy urged developers to call their team into action against the deceit of Ethereum network. McCarthy further described Tron as the place to be for all developers and Dapp users. “Please tell your CEOs, CTOs and Devs to not fall for the Ethereum myth, because TRON is where all the action is happening.” While speculations have been rife that Tron is about to acquire Steemit blockchain platform, the Tronix community member, in his statement, also gave a hint on the possibility of the acquisition. McCarthy, referencing a chart he captioned, said if we presume Steemit as part of Tron ecosystem, then 55% of the users made use of Tron blockchain network. “55% if we can presume Steemit also.”

Tron More Useable than Ethereum in Real World

Responding to a statement issued by a crypto community member on Twitter, McCarthy explained that Tron is “more usable in the real world” when compared to Ethereum. Mike furthered that not all projects that can run on Tron are capable of working on Ethereum, but Tron network is compatible with all projects that can run on Ethereum blockchain. “Different use cases: maybe, nobody is telling people what to build. Everything that runs on ETH can run on TRON, but not necessarily the other way around,” McCarthy said. “TRON is just more useable [SIC] in the real world. Different governance models: yes TRON is modern and DPoS. ETH in 2 years”

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