**How to get fresh Leads Daily from MLM Gateway**

Yes, it is available to you in Ashburn starting today 10/17/21.

People join MLM Gateway daily, and in great numbers. While logged in and on the Dashboard, you can see exactly all activities happening in MLM Gateway. For example, you can see who has published a business announcement, who has upgraded and who just joined MLM Gateway.


Quite often, when people just join, they do not know what they are getting into. So, contacting them within the first minutes or hours, welcoming them to MLM Gateway, and offering them some help, while at same time, exposing them to your opportunity,  normally gives them some confidence, trust and hope. So, they will not only make use of your help, they will also consider joining your opportunity.


Even, if they do not join your opportunity right away, then will be tagged to you, such that any business announcement you make, it will be mailed to them.


Below is a welcome message i use, those that have just joined MLM Gateway within the last hour/minutes. You can model it and use for your own purpose.


Replace XXX with the name of the person, then replace the marked text with your own link and the opportunity you are promoting. Also make sure you include your name


When you click on the name of anybody on the MLM Gateway Dashboard, the dialog box will open with the default message. Replace that message with yours.


Good luck and much success


------------sample message below--------------

Hello XXX,

Welcome to MLM Gateway,

You made the right choice to join this wonderful platform,
Where you can get unlimited Partners to grow your Business.

I was on this platform for 3 years without knowing its power.
Here is one of the best videos around to help you navigate
your way better and make the best of MLM Gateway.

Feel Free to contact me anytime, should you have any questions.
I will be more than happy to help you succeed.

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Wish you all the best for now.
Regards, YOUR NAME