Markethive in the RipOff Report

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Markethive in the RipOff Report 2

The Better Business Report from Denver's office.

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The meeting with the BBB offices

Last Year 2019 around May 10th I attempted to get the BBB to accredit Markethive. I was passed back and forth from the Minnesota office to the Denver office because there is no Wyoming office. It was a nightmare of incompetence and the Denver office took on an attitude I was a scammer during the process.

She assumed the address was a PO Box because I told her we forwarded mail from that address to the local POBox as is the case for nearly everyone in Wyoming. It is standard practice because addresses often have no mail boxes and being so rural all mail goes and delivers at the local post offices. In trying to explain this, is where the woman I was talking to started treating me with disdain.

As she was talking to me apparently she was searching the Internet for us, never going to (A simple free social network SAAS system with upgrades). She found our Markethive. Exchange mock-up site (for our future eventual exchange) and immediately assumed I was some type of spurious exchange trying to avoid registration with the US Govt financial KYC and anti-money laundering regulations and accused me of being some type of criminal organization.

Demanding our bank statements, profit and loss statements, a listing of all customers, proof of ownership of the building, how we generate revenue in detail, samples of advertising and samples of customer contracts and I stopped the process and said we are not ready for this and to end the accreditation process. She agreed, and then she posted the very disturbing records on our account, still claiming we are an exchange, which we are not.

The other BBB in Minnesota registered us on their site as an A+ non accredited company with no issues but used my very private personal residence as our company address, in error, violating my privacy.

So I put it all aside until we get to a point Markethive owns a building in Wyoming so we can repeat the process with our corporate attorney, not me.

Make sense?
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Markethive in the RipOff Report 4

RE: The Danna Hallmark posting on the RipOff Report

Shell Holdings (not associated with Markethive) raised $384,000 in loans know as BODs. The purpose was to build a merged social network like Facebook with the Inbound Marketing software from Veretekk. It was never designed for Baby Boomers nor was it meant for any particular market designated as Baby Boomers. It was all inclusively designed for entrepreneurs.

Danna actually loaned Shell Holdings $15,000 for 3 BODs. Not $10,000 as she has claimed.

Danna did have conversations with Tom Prendergast, just like mostly everyone else did in live seminars and occasionally in Skype groups. She did not have a special position nor was ever hired or contracted for any work.

Danna was never asked nor had any position or authority to approve or make the statements she has made. Shell Holdings was an LLC that failed. It was never an umbrella company. It was formed to fund the partner that was hired to build the code and pay for the servers to build on from the umbrella company called Veretekk to Green House Data the facility the Veretekk servers resided in Cheyenne Wyoming.

When Shell Holdings failed, because the code that was delivered was unacceptable due to poor design and lack of integrity, Shell Holdings failed and went out of business. All loans made to Shell Holdings failed with it.

A new company was formed shortly after with the new name  Markethive and new code was built by a 3rd party firm Tom Prendergast paid for out of his pocket about $250,000 and it was built on the AWS cloud. Thus the announcement of Markethive the new company with the new inbound marketing and social network rebuilt from Tom Prendergast’s blue prints.

Tom Prendergast made the previous Shell Holdings BOD loans Markethive’s commitment to grandfather them into the new corporation. 

Markethive also launched a small Alpha program which was a much smaller contribution for a few perks like rotated leads from the root domain.

As far as the rotation of traffic to the upgraded members, this function has come and gone and back again with the constant upgrades and improvements in the system. One just has to go to to see the head way that has occurred since the inception.*/

There never was nor ever intended to have a customer service training manual. There was never any collaboration of this and was ever in the works with Markethive. This is apparently a project Danna was doing on her own.

Again Markethive was not built for boomers. It was and is built for entrepreneurs of all ages.

Documentation for all BODs was laid to rest when Shell Holdings failed. Other than verbal assurances from Thomas Prendergast that Markethive would grandfather the fsailed Shell Holding loans which has been done, nothing more.

Markethive never offered “employment” or “positions” to anyone for any reason.

We demonstrated the marketing capabilities of Markethive by launching an Inbound Marketing campaign for a coffee company called Valentus. There were no offers or promises made in this regard. It was to test the abilities of the system and it proved to be very successful.

Crowd Funding was and still is often discussed but as yet still not implemented. This must be why the comment about Gofundme as it was discussed as a possible option but was never engaged to do so a long time ago.

We have a Twitter group, that helps distribute the Markethive content on a daily bases. 

This “kill shot” where as she became aware that Shell Holdings was paying the Veretekk hosting bill was Shell Holdings simply paying to keep the servers up during Shell Holdings development phase so as to have servers to build the new code on as Veretekk kept running to preserve the old database, a typical business process. 

Blaming past engineers? I know Markethive has had the share of less than credible engineers lacking integrity, but that is a very common story in this business. Blaming? No, just hiring new ones as the old ones left, pretty common practice.

The rest of Danna’s rambling seems confused and nonsensical. Markethive does have ILPs (Incentivized Loan Programs) We have converted the old loans from the failed Shell Holdings company into ILPs that will be serviced by smart contracts within Markethive’s blockchain. We do have a Markethive Support group Danna was at one time a member of. Since then Danna has deleted her Markethive account and left the support group and by doing so and confirming no longer has any interest in receiving the Markethive ILP conversion from the old Shell Holdings BOD grandfathering transfer.

If I were asked as to the welfare of Danna Hallmark, I know she is over 75 years old, confined to a wheel chair. I do not believe Danna is a bad person. She was a friendly old sort often bragging about being related to Daniel Boone and very easy to get along with. She has dropped out these past few years until these baseless attacks on Markethive and Tom Prendergast surfaced.

Links to Danna Hallmark’s web assets.
Her Resume 

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Thomas Prendergast


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