I’m A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

I’m A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

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18- year-old Erik Finman made his own rules when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business

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  1. Satoshua

    Hope grandma got half

    1. ScorpioN

      she can get 5k for 30 mins xddd

  2. MM

    “Bitcoin is used for bad things” Is such a moronic argument. Like money was never used for bad things.

    1. Wesley K.

      Yeah, it’s called propaganda fake news media. They would hate for us to control our own wealth.

    2. Jonathan 6 X

      It can be used for good and evil depends on the type of people in this world.

  3. •Professor Pump•

    I love how he’s just casually holding a box of captain crunch in some parts of this video.

    1. Elmo

      @I’mStill Dumbaf tf hes just eating cereal

  4. Hi

    Not hating or criticizing him, but he was patient, early, and he got lucky. Nothing more, noting less.

    1. Gregory G

      Patience is the hardest part and exactly why he succeeded..

    2. GaunletofDestruction

      Clay Crawford I couldn’t agree more! Inaction is the enemy of productivity. We create our own “luck” by our persistence and dedication to things we’re passionate about.

  5. Joel2point0

    If I had a $1000 when I was 12, the last thing I would be doing is investing it. I would’ve bought a PlayStation and candy.

    1. yeah

      And that’s why you’re not a million dollars richer.

    2. ThunderWindz

      bitcoin is a lottery ticket, not an investement… Stocks, P2P/P2B, ETFs, Minerals is an investment. Just sayin.

    3. yeah

      @ThunderWindz BTC is over it’s all about BSV now.

  6. riduh

    Imagine his Fortnite lobby

  7. Gabriel Hendon

    I don’t need any bitcoins. Why? Because I got robux 👌

    1. Prodrifta

      Fax 😂

    2. Baby Breezy


    3. Tycoons Updates

      @Gabriel Hendon , tell me about robust please

    4. Fardowsa Kahiye

      sorry wht you mean robux. may you help me u understand

    5. Jonathan 6 X

      Does robux even make money lol.

  8. TwistedSouL

    *2018 UPADTE*

    Erik has now returned to school. And bought some pants.

    1. Don Jon

      @iG W he lost all his money in bitcoin lmao

  9. 50,000 Subscribers without videos

    why are people mad that he got lucky

    1. Jonathan 6 X

      There jelous simple as that.

    2. Workday Nomads

      People saying hodling takes 0 skill are the people that will always be poor. If only you knew what kind of skill having iron hands is when you are down 70% on your investment.

    3. ChaseTheFeel

      because he didnt get lucky u fucking loser.

    4. Manuel Lara

      50,000 Subscribers without videos because they didn’t 🤣

  10. GoodGuyBlu

    People say he’s lucky, he is. But he also made a company, that’s not luck.

    1. Master Foxy

      @Nate Yes, but being lucky takes no skill. But once he had the money, he made a company. And that isn’t easy. Just take a look on google about companies that failed. So he’s not entirely lucky.

    2. Simply Bitcoin

      GoodGuyBlu kids doing well

    3. help

      @Nate It’s not just luck, read a book about finance and trading stocks lol

    4. MorAlex

      It’s not luck that made him think about currencies and financial development at the age of 12 rather than superheroes and video games. Luck is grabbing the right opportunity, work and determination is what places the opportunities in front of you. He wasn’t wanking in his bedroom waiting for the right opportunity to come. Get real people.

  11. Dan Mac

    As soon as he talked about lamborghinis I closed the video.

    1. Light Yagami


    2. E.pMade ThisVEVO


    3. We_Are_Nevertheless

      Lambos are kinda trash cars tbh

    4. Earth in the comments

      but you commented?

  12. Revotap

    I remember very good that I stood in front of my pc with my 350 dollar savings as a kid and was thinking about buying bitcoins… I didnt do it because I wanted to buy new pc parts and couldnt risk loosing my money. My parents would have killed me… I hate myself a bit for not taking the risk

    1. Simon Gauw


    2. Tech Videos

      Sorry man
      I feel your pain

    3. Anne Day

      You only hate yourself because bitcoin didn’t turn out to be a scam. There’s no way you would have known that at the time and if the whole thing had collapsed you’d be thinking you’re a genius now. Regretting things you could never predict is a waste of time

  13. Leonard Fabris

    He is acting like he is some kind of teen genius,but the only thing he had was luck

    1. dude wtf

      @Rok Fabiani nah man pure luck…who tf has 1k at 12 like that?

    2. Sasuke Uchiha

      He invested and investing is a risk. Now, delete this comment. You are ond of those People who comment and comment but don’t even know what they are talking about

    3. dude wtf

      @Sasuke Uchiha nah man he got lucky…if i was born into a house with money i would flip it too, kid aint special he generally got lucky woth his investment…imagine if bit coin never got picked up? Hed be some idiot kid who wasted 1k on internet currency.

    4. dude wtf

      @Sasuke Uchiha investing takes luck and you gotta have something to invest, 99% people of the planet didn’t have 1k at 12 years old or a role model teaching them cyrpto currency. Bitcoin happened so quick nobody especially stock markets had no idea if it would go up or down, kid got lucky.

    5. help

      spoken like a true idiot who has no clue about finance and blockchains

  14. Connie Montenegro

    wow this is interesting. invest in yourself through Blockchain Mining and you can be rich like this.

    1. Mati S

      guys these people are scammers they act like they’re having a convo but it’s bait for you to contact that dude and he’ll just scam you

    2. plugboi johnny

      @Susan Vila does it do anything to ur electric bill? Pls respond

    3. Damien

      Plugboi Johnny+ dumbass it’s a scam a ponzu scheme this guy is having a fake conversation

  15. Reviathan

    Came here to laugh after almost two years since this video.

  16. Lachlan Prinsep

    I lost huge in the last crash and even with the bull run I still haven’t made up half my loss,please help with trading strategy

    1. Gene Gene

      @yeah you’re a fool falling for obvious scams

  17. Samantha Gruber

    The key to investing is recognizing when you are right and when you are wrong.

  18. GaunletofDestruction

    “Success is the best revenge.” – Frank Sinatra

  19. James Clark

    I never wanted to invest in Bitcoin trading all my life because of much scammers out there
    I have invested several times but I was fooled. The last time I invested was last year through Mr Charles. I saw how people where talking about him here on YouTube and I decided to trade with him
    And ever since then there have been no regrets trading with him

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