How to turn a FREE Fun Guppy website into a Cash machine

How to turn a FREE Fun Guppy website into a Cash machine 1

How to turn a FREE Fun Guppy website into a Cash machine 2

No kidding, but you can turn a FREE FunGuppy website into an AMAZING traffic machine, get 10 times more traffic for whatever opportunity you are promoting with LESS effort, and that means more money for you. Yes, traffic leads to income. Yes, you can say that again, just to make sure it sinks and this tiny FREE FunGuppy website can get traffic to your offers in abundance.

If you have missed the fuzz about the guppy, getting it now and understanding the concept will give you a marketing edge over all your competitors.

So, what's all this fuzz about the guppy? What IS a guppy? And why on earth name a website "FunGuppy"?

When I read and understood this story and the principle behind it, I could not help but share. It makes everything very simple and easy to duplicate. Then, you will begin to wonder, why you never know about the FunGuppy website sooner?

Well, let get back to the guppy… what is a guppy?

Believe it or not – a guppy is… SIMPLY A FISH, a small Fish, but BIG in what it does.

An AMAZING fish, however – Now see how it can make you MONEY!

A guppy is a fish many people have in their aquariums. They come in different shapes and colours, and even if they're quite pretty, they're not the most expensive or exotic fish you can get.

However: There are TWO THINGS that make guppys VERY SPECIAL. 

1. They give birth to live offsprings. This is very rare amongst fish. Most fish lay tiny tiny eggs that hatch after a few weeks or months. If the eggs are not eaten by other fish or destroyed by other environmental hazards before they hatch. 

However, a guppy can give birth to 20-60 kids – other tiny guppies EVERY MONTH, and their offsprings will themselves start popping out tiny live guppies after just a few weeks.

So… a couple of “guppys” can pretty soon become 100's or 1,000's of little, colourful beautiful fish. Are you still with me? That was not the miracle yet, but now you know that aspect. Let’s move on….

2. “Guppys” only mate once – and then gives birth over and over and over again and again and again!

Now THIS is strange: The mama-guppy needs only ONE shot of papa-guppy's magic juice in all her lifetime.

From this one single happy moment of copulating, the mama-guppy can give birth once a month – to a total of 1,000's of “tiny guppy kids” for the rest of her life! And these new “guppys” will all start doing the same after a few weeks. Such that, in just a few months, there are several generations of guppys constantly giving birth to new little swimmers over and over again!

In other words: When the guppys get started, there is NOTHING that can stop one pair of guppys from turning into MILLIONS of tiny fish, as long as they've got the right conditions,

Now -you maybe wonder, what has this got to do with a website, traffic, cash machine or web marketing?


Just like those tiny fish multiply over and over again and turn into 100,000's of small fishies, in much the same way, a FunGuppy website is setup and managed to spread like a wildfire: from 1,000 to 10,000 to 100,000's or even MILLIONS of people in just a short time. When started, no one can stop it.

Let’s assume you own one of such tiny FunGuppy websites….

Think of every little video or funny picture on your FunGuppy website, and every e-mail sent out with links

to them as a "guppies". When these e-mails are forwarded, share them on Facebook or other social media, or in other ways send people to your FunGuppy website, these "guppies" will start spreading MASSIVELY.

And… after a while – they will spread AUTOMATICALLY and you wouldn’t be able to stop or control their spread!

Now… That's VIRAL MARKETING the "GUPPY WAY", and that's why the website's name is "Fun Guppy".

Think about this every time a mail is sent to you with a link to some funny stuff on your FunGuppy website. Share it on social media and forward it to all your friends ASAP – And you'll make the "guppies" work for you sooner than you could expect! 

And… can turn your FunGuppy website into a 24-7 nonstop money making cash machine before you know it. But you have to be a member of FunGuppy website to get your own free FunGuppy website.

You can easily cash in 100's or 1,000's of Dollars each and every month (paid every two weeks) from you FunGuppy Membership. The sooner you get the FunGuppy website membership, the sooner you can start getting massive traffic and hence income.

Want to see how such a tiny FunGuppy website looks like, and possibly get yours, Click here now.

Whether you decide to own one or not, it is free, the FunGuppys are multiplying, massive traffic and income is being shared.

However, today you can:

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It is your choice, do one or do 3 of them. You will never be asked to pay a dime for any of the services. 

Have a laugh – and make your friends smile, while YOU make money with FunGuppy.

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Wish you much success in your business.



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