How to explode your sign ups into any Business

How to explode your sign ups into any Business 1

How to explode your sign ups into any Business 2

This is not the regular blablabla. See it in action, take action and your business will never be the same again. Irrespective of the business you are currently involved in, if your major problem has been to find leads, your new problem may soon be, how to manage leads. This strategy will help you get a swamp of steady leads easy, from interesting, funny social media or news content.

Now you can share any links, interesting, funny or informative articles, while attaching a floating lead capture widget on the content page, and even embedding an amazing catchy popup, all designed to get signups as users engage with the content.

First, irrespective of the business you are promoting or building, if you do not collect leads, nurture them and then follow up with them to join your opportunity, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are not succeeding.

Promoting any business opportunity without building a list for that business, which you can subsequently tap into for other opportunities, is a waste of your valuable time. Only use company lead capture pages, if you have FULL CONTROL over the leads. This is because, you lose the leads, should the company shut down or for any reason ban you are excluded from doing business with the company.

With that said, I NEVER promote any opportunity without first capturing the leads for myself. I recommend you do the same. Fortunately, I found two companies that give you company pre-made lead capture pages, as well as give you 100% FULL ACCESS & CONTROL to all your leads. As a matter of fact, they themselves do not even have access to your leads. These two companies are Markethive and All in One Profits.

While both companies equally give you full state of the art functioning Auto Responders with lead management system to manage your leads and set up your follow up campaigns, All in One Profits charges on $10 per month for unlimited leads and unlimited campaigns, with an amazing affiliate compensation plan attached to it, while at same time providing other Essential Trendy Industry Business Building Tools and Services at NO EXTRA cost.

On the other hand, Markethive is free, more robust, built on the block chain and more of an inbound social marketing business network, providing universal income for Entrepreneurs, as well as act as a micro faucet, paying users for all the actions they perform on the platform as they build their businesses. Plus, rewards every new member 500 MHV coins upon sign up, after they verify their accounts. Entrepreneurs at MarketHive get 500 MHV Coins Matching bonus for free for every new associate they refer to Markethive.

Today´s strategy uses MarketHive as an example, but it can be applied for any opportunity. So, if you are member of MarketHive and looking forward to exploding your signups for MarketHive or any other opportunity you maybe promoting, then this comes really handy to you.

This strategy involves the use of 2 FREE tools and 1 (one) paid tool (One Time payment only). All these are standalone tools, all Business Building tools that are setup to advertise your business and bring more traffic to your opportunities. Though these systems have a ton to offer, only what is necessary for this exercise will be mentioned.

1. Markethive (FREE): Using the Auto Responder and its widgets to place a floating lead capture widget on any article. The position of this widget is flexible: top or bottom right or left. In fact, anywhere you have the space. But for the purpose of scrolling, I will discourage from putting it at the top right position. This widget offers the 500 MHV free coins and will sign up everyone that claims the coins directly into the lead management system as your referral in Markethive, which you can then follow up with. This widget could as well be promoting something else.

2. Leads leap (free): Using the popup Generator to create an amazingly appealing popup and embed with the article link, and it pops up upon exit. Cool.

3. World Profit Lead Magnet (Paid tool, one time payment only): From World Profits and accessible from the World Profits back office. Use it to add the overlays and popups on any content (link)- funny or interesting article, then share the new link created on social media. You can create Conversion Crushing beautiful custom overlays that appear at a time and place of your choosing. You can set them to appear on load, as an exit pop up, after a certain number of seconds…the options are endless. The overlays you add can be used for everything from special offers to list building. They are fully customizable and can contain any content you want to add!

See all the above displayed in sharing an interesting article regarding evolving social Media trends.

Wish you much fun and success in your business as you use any of these tools.

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