How The Three Dimensions of the FunGuppy viral engine works for YOU!

67 / 100 SEO Score

Your FunGuppy website is actually the worlds first Full 3D,
“Three Dimensional” viral marketing tool!

What IS 3D viral marketing, and how can it bring you AMAZING
ammounts of website traffic, and an EXTREME income potential?

FIRST DIMENSION: Grab the web-marketeers!
The most important people you should team up with to create
massive viral traffic are webmasters, bloggers, MLM’ers,
Biz-Op’ers and affiliate marketeers.

Why? Because these allready work actively to generate website
traffic. If you do things right, you can make them generate
website traffic for YOU!

How to make them work for you? Easy. These people NEED and WANT
website traffic to whatever they’re promoting.

They’ll be happy to promote YOUR website for you, if they at
same time can get FREE website traffic themselves.

Let them use your FREE FunGuppy LinkSubmitter and AdBlaster
to blast their links and ads to thousands of websites for FREE:

Or, show them your FREE FunGuppy website… they’ll understand
that this can give them TONS of free traffic, and sign up to
get a FREE FunGuppy website with your ad on it:

SECOND DIMENSION: Go “viral” with regular people!
To create massive viral traffic, you need something that’s
interesting for “regular people”, and not only for the people
doing some form of web marketing.

There are more than ONE BILLION PEOPLE out there that has
access to the internet. Find something that can spread “virally”
to these people, and the traffic will NEVER stop!

The way your FunGuppy website does this is by using cartoons,
jokes and funny pictures. Every week we send you 3 e-mails with
links to funny stuff on your FunGuppy website (with your ad
next to it). Forward these e-mails to your friends! If they
like it, they’ll pass it on to THEIR friends… and they’ll
send to even more people and so on.

See the “viral” content here (You can even select some pics
to send out to your friends right away):

One single e-mail with a link to funny content on YOUR FunGuppy
website can spread to 10,000’s or 100,000’s of people within
a VERY SHORT TIME. Now – you get 3 e-mails every week – send
them to a handfull of friends. It WILL spread!

If you have a website or blog, you should ABSOLUTELY place the
“Today’s Pic” on it to make people visit your FunGuppy
website. Check it out here:

THIRD DIMENSION: Repetition and long term work!
Creating that massive viral traffic require a minimum of
effort over a certain period of time. The harder and longer
you work with it, the better the effect will be.

Your FunGuppy website has built in features to create
repeating traffic, and several mechanisms that works
AUTOMATICALLY to follow up and EXPLODE the long term
MASSIVE TRAFFIC effect of your FunGuppy website.

One such tool – actually quite GENIOUS – is the “Get three
jokes a week” slideover. You’ve propably seen it when you
open your FunGuppy website. It’s a little windows that “falls
down” in front of your FunGuppy website, asking visitors to
join the “FunGuppy 3 jokes a week” mailing list. The ones who
join will get e-mails with links to funny stuff at YOUR FunGuppy
website. They’ll return 3 times every week, and they’ll even
tell their firends – creating viral traffic!

You can get this “slideover” on ANY website or blog where
you have access to enter a piece of HTML code. This can bring
you 10,000’s of RETURNING VISITORS to your FunGuppy website!
Get the code in the “Tools” section for your FunGuppy website: 
(Click the “Tools” link in the menu)

Most important long term traffic generator: All FunGuppy members
(just like you) get follow up emails like these. We teach
our members how to use their FunGuppy websites to create MASSIVE
viral traffic to whatever they promote.

This is VERY GOOD for YOU, since everyone that sign up for
a FunGuppy website “under you” (for 6 levels deep) will have
a FunGuppy website with YOUR ad as one out of six!

When make these people use the tools to create MASSIV viral
traffic to theyr FunGuppy websites, they also create massive
traffic that will see YOUR AD!

So: For each and every person you can get to sign up for their
own FunGuppy website, you will MULTIPLY the number of people
that will see YOUR AD. If you get a total of only 10 people
under you (on all 6 levels in total!) you get TEN TIMES the
traffic compared to what you van generate alone!

It’s actually EASY to get a total of 10 people “under you”.
If you get just 3 people to sign up, and they get 3 each,
you’ve got 12 people under you after just 2 levels!

Keep up the good work, and make FunGuppy work for you in
all 3 dimensions:

– Make the web-marketeeers go viral for you!
– Make regular people go viral for you!
– Make FunGuppy do the long-term viral follow ups for you!

Have a nice day!

Team FunGuppy
[email protected]

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