Bitcoin Now Accepted at Burger King in Germany

Bitcoin Now Accepted at Burger King in Germany

Burger King customers in Germany can now pay for their burgers and fries with Bitcoin through the restaurant’s delivery website and mobile app.

Mainstream Bitcoin acceptance is steadily growing. The last couple of years have seen a number of businesses begin accepting BTC as a payment option, and the latest entry on this list is the Burger King chain of restaurants in Germany.

Spending Bitcoin Your Way

Now Germans who are craving a Whopper hamburger, onion rings, or a milkshake from Burger King can purchase their favorite fast food by spending cryptocurrency. The company’s delivery website and mobile app have added Bitcoin as a payment option. This is tremendous news as Burger King has over 600 locations throughout Germany. It should be pointed out that there is no confirmation that BTC can be spent at the actual restaurants. Still, this is definitely a step forward as many people are now using mobile apps to order and pay for their food in advance. This isn’t the first time that Burger King has accepted Bitcoin as a payment option. Franchises in Russia began accepting BTC back in 2017.

Huge Growth Potential

An important upside to Burger King accepting Bitcoin is the sheer scale of potential adoption. While Russian and German Burger Kings are accepting cryptocurrency, the franchise has a staggering total of 17,796 restaurants scattered across 100 countries as of the end of 2018. As more countries begin to establish regulations for cryptocurrency, further mainstream adoption is much more likely. Another interesting aspect of this situation is if other fast food franchises follow in Burger King’s footsteps in accepting cryptocurrency payments. The entire industry is highly competitive where a new offering from one chain is quickly countered by something new from a competing chain.

Such competition could lead to other fast food outlets seeing cryptocurrency as a viable payment option, and the upside to such circumstances is huge. McDonald’s boasts 37,855 locations in over 100 countries, and Wendy’s has 6,711 restaurants, which are mostly located in North America. Kentucky Fried Chicken has 22,621 restaurants in 136 countries while Taco Bell has 7,072 locations. The 1980s saw the “Burger Wars” where the different chains fought each other for market share and dominance. It would be interesting to see if a new cryptocurrency-focused war will break out between the various fast food franchises.

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