Accumulate wealth

Accumulate wealth 1

Howdy great bees?
Just like the worker bees set their mind to manufacture honey for their colony, we ought to set ourselves to accumulate our wealth(for us and our familiessmiley). 
Markethive, is a 'conglomerate of tools' that we can use to do just that. Tom, Daug and team (markethive founders), have been enabled by God to deliver this awesome platform to us for our use. And we need to make use of this to accumulate our wealth. 
So how do you accumulate your wealth again? Simple, just upgrade to entrepreneur and start referring like crazy. As easy as that. 

So you wanna say you can't refer?  Lets look at it this way; 
1. Do you know a friend who could do with 500mhv that he/she will be able to exchange to whichever currency very soon?  Of cos you do, can you get 2 of such friends and/or family? 5? 10? 100? 
2. You are in the online space, so you know or might have heard of the phrase "the money is in the list" if you don't know, check out this post (MUST READ). Would you like to build your list? Do you know of anyone who would like to build a list?  Markethive is a complete package that will help you to build a list.

What am driving at is that markethive is arguably the easiest platform that you can refer your friends and family,and even people you've not aqcuinted before. 
All you got to do i give the valuable system away, or give away the airdrop coins (currently 500mhv)

When new members sign up to markethive via your link and get verified, you get matching bonus in MHV of what they have received as airdrop for signing up. At the time am writing this blog, the airdrop and matching bonus is at 500 per verified associate. 500mhv is the highest it will ever be, so it's paramount that you take full advantage of this right now, I know I am.

ACCUMULATING YOUR WEALTH STARTS WHEN YOU START REFERRING AS A MARKETHIVE ENTREPRENUER.  THESE COINS ACCUMULATE VERY FAST* Resuls are not typical and are determined by you actually having to take action and do the work, refer new verified members!

screenshot matching bonuses
Now matching bonus is not the only benefit you get when you upgrade to entrepreneur, see this screenshot excerpt from one of markethives blogs that highlights the benefits of upgrading. Highlighted below is what you get in summary. 

  1. Profile Page turns into lead “associates” capture page

  2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”

  3. 100% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade

  4. Loyalty Program 12 straight months, we contribute to you a full 10% ILP

  5. Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of our traffic portals

  6. Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising

  7. Traffic Portals seller classification

  8. Receive your own ILP site receive matching ILP shadow shares

You might not understand some of the benefits highlighted above, that's why I have hooked you up with more info, or all info for that matter in this posthere on markethives blog.

Furthermore, check out this video linked below with even more info that will blow your mind!

Video: Learn here why entreprenuer makes sense


I hope you see this opportunity as the no-brainer it is…and hopefully hop on board as an entrepreneur! Consquently you will be accumulating your own wealth.

Please share your thoughts and questions in the comment section. 


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